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East & West Management

New Beacon Research Institute for East & West Management




Modern management has shifted from experience management, scientific management to cultural management, especially at the new stage of cross-cultural management in the context of globalisation.


Current management lacks profound considerations of human thinking and decision-making methods, core value orientations, behavioural patterns, and deep considerations on national cultural traditions and ideologies that shape people’s cultural connotations. With the deepening of globalisation, the need for cross-cultural management has become more and more urgent. How to make Eastern and Western cultures and management achieve harmonious integration in the East and the West is an important topic of great significance both academically and practically.


Management philosophy is increasingly valued by people. Management has become a comprehensive discipline of interdisciplinary research. Business management and public management are facing severe challenges; how to change and innovate has become a top priority.


New Beacon Research Institute for East & West Management is an interdisciplinary academic research institution that aims at promoting the development and integration of subjects such as humanities, education, management and economics at New Beacon Campus and focuses on the research of East & West management, culture, and philosophy; It is committed to the East and West management practices, management theory and management philosophy, focusing on the research of philosophy, systems and methods of humanistic management and its application in management, and aiming at understanding the value system of East Asian characteristics and its modernisation. It focuses on the combination of management theory and practice, research and guidance on the management practice of multinational companies in East Asia and the management practice of multinational development of East Asian enterprises.



The vision of the research institute is to become a world leading think-tank in Eastern and Western management and create innovative impact on the global and regional knowledge economy through conducting advanced research in Eastern and Western culture and management and engaging with academics, practitioners and policy makers.


Research Areas and Main Activities

The main research conducted within the directions of the Research Institute include:

  • Western and Eastern culture and management.
  • Western and Eastern management philosophies and leadership development.
  • Business humanistic management.
  • Public humanistic management.
  • Personnel management and innovation (nurturing wisdom, nourishing minds, promoting health, cultivating morals and management innovation).
  • China Embracing Innovation.


Organisational Structure

The Research Institute is jointly established by the New Beacon, UK, Eastern and Western Culture and Management Research Centre and Taoist Culture Research Centre of the School of Humanities, Zhejiang University, China. The institute has two Deans based in both the UK and China:  Professor Linghong Kong, mainly based in China and Dr. Lucy Lu, based in the UK.


The Research Institute is led by the two Deans and operated with a dedicated Research Administrator via an academic committee which consists of well-known global scholars who advise and contribute to the strategic development, training & consultancy and other academic activities within the institute.


The centre employs consultants, research fellows and special researchers including entrepreneurs and politicians who have high-level theoretical achievements and rich practical experience.


Main Activities

Training Development

  • Training and development programmes of global talent on Eastern and Western culture management.
  • To organise short training courses and related corporate leadership programmes for MBA, EMBA, DBA and EDBA.



  • Management Consultancy in East and West Culture.


Research Events / International Conference

  • To organise regularly humanistic management academic seminars or related academic societal activities and organise networking activities in humanistic management, business management, and public management world.
  • To organise Eastern and Western management international academic seminars.



  • To edit and publish an Eastern and Western Culture and Management Series.
  • To edit and publish an English version of Outlook China.
  • To publish Western Culture and Management Series, Eastern Culture and Management Series, Corporate Humanistic Management Series and Public Humanistic Management Series.
  • To conduct collaborative research with universities and research institutes and organize educational training or networking events with universities or related organisations.
  • To provide management diagnosis and decision-making consultation service for enterprises and public management sectors.




Co-Directors of the Research Institute


Professor Linghong Kong:

Professor of Philosophy Dept. and tutor of PhD students, Zhejiang University; Part-time professor, Shandong University and Nanchang University. Received many awards such as the First Prize of Excellent Essays in China Post-doctorate Academic Conference 2000. Professor Kong has already published over 140 essays in Chinese and international academic journals and published ten books, which are: Neo-Confucianism, Taoist and Taoism in Song Dynasty; From Taoist to Taoism; Research on Taoism in Song and Ming Dynasties; Zhu Xi’s Philosophy and Taoist Taoism; Zhu Xi’s Philosophy through the Prospective of Relationship between Confucianism and Taoism; History of Chinese Taoism; twelve co-authored books are: Eastern and Western Culture and Management, History of Taoism in Jiangxi, History of Taoism in Zhejiang, Research on Taoism in Hangzhou during Republic of China, Biography of Boduan Zhang, Ancestor of Alchemy Scripture, etc.. He has conducted academic visits to over twenty countries such as USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, Germany, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Holland, Italy and Austria and regions such as Hong Kong and Taiwan; Prof. Kong gave over thirty speeches in over twenty world-famous universities such as Harvard University and Yale University. He taught foreign scholars in English many times in Fudan University, Shanghai International Studies University, and Zhejiang University and organised high-level, high-quality and academically widely influential conferences such as 2010 Eastern Western Culture and Management International Academic Seminar.


Dr Lucy Lu:

Lucy graduated from Newcastle University (UK) with an MBA and DBA. Lucy is currently Provost and Global Academic Director, London School of Commerce. Dr. Lu has nearly 20 years’ experience in global higher education management, business school management and international qualification experience (AMBA, EQIS, AACSB). Lucy held high-level academic leadership positions in a number of famous universities, including Director of MBA Centre, Director of Newcastle University UK, MBA and EMBA Centres and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Management, Bournemouth University. In the meantime, Lucy is Visiting professor in Henan University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, SIAS University and Tongji University in China. Lucy’s main research areas are interdisciplinary research on innovative management, including Triple Helix model of innovation, entrepreneurship education in global higher education, application of innovative model in great health, cultural industry and tourism and research on East & West Management. Lucy also leads an interdisciplinary research team to collaborate on research projects funded by national and international research councils. She was the Director of China Global Innovation Hub in Bournemouth University and led researchers in China Innovation Centre to develop scientific research projects related to China. Furthermore, Lucy has been the General Conference Chair of China Association for Management of Technology (CAMOT) conference and successfully organised eight CAMOT large-scale international conferences in Tsinghua University, Shanghai University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of International Business and Economics, La Rochelle University in France, Cambridge University in UK. Lucy published articles on many international refereed journals and was the founding editor of Journal of China Knowledge-based Innovation, Associate- Editor of International Journal of Innovation Studies, Special Issue Editor and Executive Editor of Outlook China (English).


Professor Linghong Kong