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New Beacon Group sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Beijing Caofeidian International Vocational Education City, establishing Training Base in UK

16 May 2018

New Beacon Group (NBG) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Beijing Caofeidian International Vocational Education City (CIVEC) Investment Co. Ltd. on 15th May 2018, marking the beginning of a strategic partnership.

After considerable discussions, the two parties agreed to explore the potential for collaboration in training and education related areas in order to broaden international provision and enhance education quality. NBG and CIVEC also agreed to create opportunities for two-way exchanges between academics and students in China and the UK, with a view of developing outstanding graduates with an international outlook. Both parties proposed to collaborate on the following:

1. Teacher training for vocational education including intensive English language and professional enhancement for outstanding teachers. CIVEC would set up an English language training centre for the outstanding Teacher Training project; New Beacon Group would create an overseas training base. Teachers would have the flexibility of undertaking training in both China and the UK, whereas qualified students who have completed the study with 180 credits at Masters level would be awarded a Master’s Degree in the relevant subject discipline.

2. Jointly setting up a College of Innovation: CIVEC and NBG would jointly establish a college of innovation and Sino-UK training centre, focusing on student exchange, vocational English training and vocational qualification training and examinations.

3. Offering “3+1”, “3+1+1” study abroad programmes. After successfully completing a three-year diploma at CIVEC, students will be given the option to enrol in a one-year top-up study in the UK and obtain a Bachelors Degree from a British university. Students could also study a pre-master programme for one year, and take a further year for a Masters degree from a British University.

Dr Kai Liu, Chief Executive Officer of New Beacon Group, Professor Mark Mabey, Deputy CEO and Director of Higher Education, Mr Zhilin Zhang, Vice President of Beijing Caofeidian International Vocational Education City Investment Co. Ltd. Will Foster, Dean of Staffordshire at the University of Wolverhampton, David Martin, CEO/Founder of Silkroad EdTech Ltd.
Alongside with KeShen Tao, Development Director of CIVEC, Director of Resource Department of CIVEC, Chuan He and Education Development Department of CIVEC, Tao Yun attended the signing ceremony.

Having reached this milestone, working closely with its strategic partner – University of Wolverhampton, New Beacon Group is now well placed to offer comprehensive and flexible training solutions to teachers in Chinese vocational and technical education sector through Caofeidian International Vocational Education City and its national network of colleges.