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Beijing students visit Stafford for Education Experience Trip

14 May 2018

Students from Beijing Institute of Business and Technology in Beijing, China, arrived in Stafford on 30th April, for an Educational Experience Trip.

A tour around Beacon Sports & Fitness followed up by Welcome dinner with CEO, Kai Liu and Deputy CEO, Mark Mabey.

As part of New Beacon Group’s effort to create international education opportunities, the four students, aged 18-22, visited University of Wolverhampton’s Main Campus to experience Higher Education in the UK.

University of Wolverhampton’s Main Campuses visits – to experience Higher Education in the UK

Alongside English Language lessons, the students and their teachers travelled to some of the UK’s cultural hotspots, including Cambridge, London and Oxford, as well as local attractions in the Midlands.

BIBT Students – London Day Trip

Before they returned to China, the BIBT students each delivered a presentation about what they learned during their two-week trip and how the experience impacted them as people.

BIBT students shared their experiences in the UK with NBG staffs and local students of Business Chinese for Beginners class.

English teacher at BIBT, Ji Yue Yue, also known as Jolie, said, “We really enjoyed the days that we were in the UK, it was really a memorable experience for all.”

To commemorate the trip, the guests celebrated with a meal at Golden Orient in Stafford, joined by NBG Deputy CEO, Professor Mark Mabey and Dr Lee Zhuang, Head of Academic Development.

Farewell Dinner at Golden Orient in Stafford