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New Beacon Lectures

This is a series of lectures dealing with a wide range of issues, including Strategic Leadership, Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Technology Strategy, “China Embracing Innovation”, Globalization, East meets West, Sustainable Development, Cultural Renaissance and Urban Rejuvenation, Higher Education Management, China’s Open-door and Reform Policy since late 1970s, foreign direct investment and industrial transformation in China, the “Belt and Road” Initiative, political and economic relations across the Taiwan Strait, and trade relations between the US and China.

Delivered by NBG’s own faculty members and invited eminent scholars and experts worldwide, these lectures will take place at the New Beacon campus in Stafford and other prominent places in England, such as Oxford, Cambridge and London. Lectures on other topics can also be developed/arranged dependent on customers’ specific requirements.

Professor Richard Li-Hua

Professor James O’Kane

Professor Shawn Carraher

Professor Keith Luo

Mr. Paul Williams

Professor Xia Haiquan

Professor Paresh Wankhade

Professor David Weir

Professor Panos Fitsilis