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Executive Development Programmes

The New Beacon Group (NBG) is currently the largest, private provider of Higher Education in the UK by Chinese investment capital.

New Beacon Campus is in the city of Stafford, situated on a 46-acre site comprising of purpose-built teaching, research, administrative, residential and sports facilities.

Formerly owned by Staffordshire University, it was sold to the current owner in November 2016.

NBG’s vision is to create a globally-connected university in business, management and innovation, specialising in East-West dynamics to develop future leaders and managers. Our current strategic priority is to promote the development and exchange between China and the UK in the areas of higher education, executive training, and business incubation services.

Our Executive Development Programmes (EDP) consist of Open Executive Programmes and Customised Executive Programmes. The Open Programme features general management, leadership, strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation, designed to upgrade corporate executives’ leadership capabilities to meet ever changing challenges in today’s business world.

The Customised Programme is based on clients’ specific training and development requirements, utilising our Senior Academics, Practitioners and former Government Officials.

Some programmes may involve site visits to governmental and corporate organisations to accompany classroom lectures.


Executive Programmes (Open and Customised options)

Programme duration:  3 – 5 days.

Management, Strategy and Leadership:

  • Strategic Management and Effective Leadership
  • Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Developing Core Competitiveness and Critical Success Factors
  • Change/Time/Crisis/Emergency Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Financial Performance
  • How Blockchain and Fintech will change the Financial Ecosystem
  • Utilising foreign capital and developing local industries
  • Climate change and Sustainable Development

Governance in Public Sector

  • Codes of Conduct for civil servants in the UK.
  • Anti-corruption rules/legislation for public officials in the UK.

Development in Higher Education

  • Internationalising Universities.
  • QAA in UK universities.

Chinese Economy and Business Management

  • The Open-door Policy and economic reform in post-Mao China.
  • China’s foreign economic relations and accession to the WTO.
  • China’s new economic development strategy under Xi Jingping: the “Belt and Road” Initiative.
  • US-China trade relations and the global economy.