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West Meets East

30 January 2019

Vision on West Meets East

I have devoted huge efforts to achieving my vision of West Meets East, which has allowed me to develop a creed for business & management education from West Leads East to West Meets East. I have been instrumental in transforming such a firm vision into reality with passionate and relentless insistence on (1) West Meets East – the integration and development of West-East management practice, theories and philosophies, (2) the integration of world class research with teaching and learning in GHE, and (3) narrowing the gap between what is delivered in university and what is needed in society in liberal arts education.

With over 30 years of leadership experiences in global higher education and international business between East and West, I have insightful observations and interpretation about what has happened in the last 40 years between West and East, notably China, UK and US, as well as how a university/firm can be well positioned in the 21st century. I have been an advocate of life-long learning and liberal arts education, and passionately striving for creating an inspiring, innovative and entrepreneurial campus, that I refer as three “invisible campuses”. The forums between President/Students, President/Professors/Doctors, and President/Alumni that I launched in SIAS in 2014 have pioneered the reform in global higher education and narrowed the gap between what is delivered in universities and what is needed in society.