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October Conference: China Embracing Innovation

CAMOT October 2019 International Conference


Theme:  East meets West: China Embracing Innovation with Delivery of Sustainability

Date:  17th to 19th October 2019

Venue:  New Beacon Campus, Stafford, UK.

Hosted by:  New Beacon Group and Staffordshire University


Sponsored by:

  • UNDP and UNAI
  • Stafford Borough Council, UK
  • Stafford County Council, UK
  • Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, UK


Organised by:

  • Outlook China
  • China Association for Management for Management of Technology and CAMOT Innovation Academy Cambridge, UK.


Conference email:


Conference Aims


The 21st century is an era of contending, an era of reflection and re-thinking and an era which calls for great wisdom and strategy. In the past 40 years, the world has changed dramatically, especially between East and West. The start of China’s economic reform and opening to the outside world in 1978, the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1991 and the burst of financial bubbles in Wall Street in 2008; all these have been combined with 40 years of  China’s fast economic development. These big events shocked the world and subverted people’s thinking with huge impact on people’s judgement.

‘East meets West with China Embracing Innovation and Sustainability’ is arguably a strategic theme of great interest as East and West are facing different challenges. Many countries around the world are seeking a strategic opportunity period, innovation and sustainability. However, this grand event demonstrates that Staffordshire has a strong interest in creating drivers of leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship, which delivers business opportunities, economic development and sustainability. Meanwhile, this grand event creates a platform through which strategic partners of firms, colleges and universities between China and the UK, in particular between China and Staffordshire as a region, through the discussions and debates upon the strategic issues related with the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ with China Embracing Innovation.


The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)


Over 2,000 years ago, China’s imperial envoy, Zhang Qian, helped to establish the Silk Road, a network of trade routes that linked China to Central Asia and the Arab world. The name came from one of China’s most important exports—silk and the road itself which deeply influenced the development of the entire region for hundreds of years. In 2013, China’s President, Xi Jinping, proposed establishing a modern equivalent, creating a network of railways, roads, pipelines and utility grids that would link China and Central Asia, West Asia and parts of South Asia.

Acknowledged as the ‘project of the century’, the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative aims to create the world’s largest platform and is a key strategic driver of China’s future economic growth and development including policy co-ordination, trade and financing collaboration and social and cultural co-operation. Through open discussion, the initiative can create benefits for everyone.


China Embracing Innovation


China’s embracing innovation is a strategic model of the wise who are seeking common development, sharing resources and a win-win solution. It is a social innovation with Chinese characteristics. It refers to a novel and innovative solution to a complicated social problem. The solution is more distinctive, effective and efficient, better, equitable and sustainable than the existing approach. At the same time, it creates value for the benefit of society as a whole. The essential elements, also regarded as the four pillars of China’s embracing innovation theory, are as follows:


  • embracing contradictions
  • heading with the times
  • seeking common ground while maintaining differences
  • creating harmony and tolerance


These four pillars support and complement each other.

The goal of this conference is to inspire current and strategic thinking, to provide a platform for exploring links and mechanisms and to explore appropriate and effective modes of East meets West, embracing innovation and sustainability, strategic alliances between governments, universities and global firms, international trade, international technology transfer, knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing, culture creativity and technology innovation and collaboration between China and the UK. Our intent is to provoke creative and innovative ideas by bringing together various stakeholders including academics, researchers, university presidents, deans of business schools, corporate leaders, policy makers, venture capitalists, managers and students for the exchange of ideas, research,, experiences, best practices and lessons learned. The intellectual lens will rotate around addressing various questions of global engagement in higher education with the thematic content of ‘East meets West” modes of collaboration in this field.


Who Should Participate?


  • Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Vice-Chancellors, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Pro Vice- Chancellors of Universities and Higher Education Institutions
  • Deans, Vice Deans, Associate Deans of Business Schools
  • Investors and Educators involved in strategic management of technology innovation
  • CEOs, COOs of Global Innovation Firms, Global Education Firms and Global Education Recruiters and Providers 
  • Chief/Senior Engineers of Large – Medium Enterprises
  • Government Officials in charge of research and development and innovation policies
  • Entrepreneurs and Technology Innovators
  • Managers in the areas of Services, Finance, Marketing, Economics and Public Policy
  • Production and Operation Managers
  • Academics, Researchers and Postgraduate Students in Global Higher Education