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Welcome message from the President

A very warm welcome to visiting New Beacon Campus. Welcome to New Beacon! At New Beacon, as a student, you will have an enjoyable, unforgettable and rewarding learning journey in one of the most beautiful and inspiring campuses in the United Kingdom, where the innovative, entrepreneurial, vibrant and dynamic New Beacon culture and the modern facilities provide an environment for education quality. You will often hear talk of a unique “New Beacon experience”. In fact, there are a number of hallmarks and distinctiveness that we believe that are underpinning directly to what that special New Beacon learning experience is all about.


As a stakeholder or parents of students, you will often hear of innovative New Beacon. We highlight our philosophy of innovating the approach of the talent development, we pay great attention to system innovation, management innovation, teaching and learning innovation in order to create distinction and strong feature of our university.


East Meets West: New Beacon possesses genuinely a global campus, where students of different cultures meet and interact. This campus is innovation lab for ideas, critical thinking, imagination, innovation and implementation, the better the ideas and the greater the learning. We ask students to investigate new worlds and to look at familiar problems from fresh perspectives. We help students to develop their entrepreneurial and innovative skills so as enable them to become a full-fledged global competitor and a global responsible leader.


Our philosophy of liberal arts education: This is the foundation of New Beacon, which proves working effectively and efficiently and has been widely recognised both at home and abroad. Our forward-looking and cutting-edge vision of East Meets West, inspiring innovation and entrepreneurship, remains attracting hundreds and hundreds perspective students both at home and abroad in the years to come!


Global and local engagement: We are currently accredited by British Accredited Council (BAC), and are seeking SQA and QAA accreditation, to be known as entrepreneurial and innovative university. Our philosophy is not only to develop our students into global citizens with global mind-set but also serve as an economic, social, and cultural catalyst around the world. We integrate teaching, research, innovation, internationalisation and global engagement for the benefit of both our students and the countries we serve. For our friends and supporters, an investment into the university is an investment into the future of the global community and its people.


We welcome your partnership, your collaboration, your participation and contribution in creating this great global university of the future.


Richard Li-Hua signature

Richard Li-Hua New Beacon Group