2017 Internet+ Competition

Introduction to International Channel of the 3rd China College Students’ “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

3rd Internet Plus competition Poster

NBG: The Strategic Partner of the largest Entrepreneurship Competition in China


On 14th August, 2017, the Ministry of Education in China authorised the New Beacon Group as the UK Strategic Partner for ‘The 3rd China “Internet +” Undergraduates Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest’, and New Beacon Group will be responsible, as the British representative organisation, to organise the preliminary selection of entrepreneurial projects and providing opportunities for students in the UK to participate in this competition

Overview of the International Channel of the Competition


 Chinese University/College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is initiated and organised by Ministry of Education, China, which has been successfully held in 2015 and 2016. The finals of the third competition will be held from 21st September to 24th September 2017.

There are more than 2,230 Universities in China and already 1.4 million University students in China have entered in the third competition. The competition received more than 370,000 submissions, which becomes the largest Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in China as well as worldwide. Many influential winning projects have arisen in the first two competitions and these projects have also obtained investments and market focus. During the competition, the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship led more and more young people to open their minds and have chosen the route of entrepreneurship. We believe that the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship are crucial not only for young people in China but also for young people all over the world.

The final of the third competition will be held in Xi’an, the ancient city and the starting point of the Silk Road hosted by Xidian University, which is famous for Science and Technology specialist subjects. In 2017, for the first time, the organisation committee has opened the international channel. Many innovation and entrepreneurship teams from different countries will be invited to the competition. 18 outstanding projects will be selected to the final, and 4 gold award projects will be selected in Xi’an University. We all hope the competition could not only be a demonstration platform for outstanding projects created by Chinese University students, but also a contribution to the innovation and entrepreneurship of young people from other countries. For those who intend to expand into the Chinese market, the competition will provide strong support and more opportunities.


Background of Competition

In order to implement and further reform Higher Education systems with particular emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, the Ministry of Education has joined forces with National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, State Intellectual Property Office, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Communist Youth League Central Committee and local governments to organise the “China Internet+ Undergraduates Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” (hereinafter referred to as “contest”) . The Chinese Prime Minister – Li Keqiang has provided specific instructions on the competition, emphasising the need to integrate innovative entrepreneurship education into personal training and development to effectively enhance the students’ entrepreneurial consciousness, innovative spirit and creativity. The aim is to generate a large pool of intellectual talents who are creative, innovative and full of entrepreneurial spirits.

Among the representatives are leaders, managers, investors, mentors and experts. The contest has been widely and positively received by students from Universities with the highest coverage among the big events hosted in recent years. The first two sessions of this competition enrolled more than 150,000 projects with more than 74 million students directly involved. The contest has become the carrier for expanding the reform of innovation and entrepreneurial education in Universities. It has become a key platform to promote the complete development of University students and the key linkage between the academic research and practical applications.

Eligibility for Entries of the International Channel

The main team members entered via the international channel must be either current students or students which have graduated for no longer than 5 years (not earlier than 2012), similar to the eligibility criteria used for the competition at the national level in China. Contents of the projects are advised to be applicable for development in China for the future. The competition focuses on the evaluation of advantages and technical innovation of the joint projects, and make comparisons between national and international resources, but these comparisons will not be essential requirements for participation in the competition.

The Competition Organising Committee will select up to 72 bronze-award projects and 18 projects which will qualify for the finals via an on-line evaluation. The Competition Organising Committee will be responsible for the local-living expenses during the finals. At most two participants from each team can apply for international travel expenses (no more than RMB 15,000 per person, around 1,700 GBP) for the competition. The final competition will be held in Xi’an between 21st September 2017 and 24th September 2017.

This competition is a public event that helps to form connections with investment institutes. The competition does not give out substantial awards & bonus.

How to participate:

Please download the application form from the following link:

Competition Overview
Application Form [ENG]

If you have enquiries, please contact Vivian Chan: 

Tel: 01785 472666 (Ext. 1012) 

Email: china@newbeacongroup.com 

About New Beacon Group

New Beacon Group is very proud to be selected as the Strategic Partner of this prestigious competition as the vision of the New Beacon Group is to establish:

  • An open and flexible global learning platform
  • An educational hub of integration of the advantages of things
  • A future of the global creative innovation base

New Beacon Group is located in Central England and on the Beaconside Campus – 46 acres of land and buildings. Based on the great understanding of the Chinese education market, it provides the best quality education resources for young people. The campus is able to accommodate 3,000 students and has great potential to expand its capacity. The Innovation Centre is committed to using business, technology and design expertise and resources to help entrepreneurs accelerate the company’s development. The centre will invite growing Chinese and British entrepreneurs to come to give lectures, organise seminars, and share business experiences and ideas. Entrepreneurs will also share their resources with students and potential entrepreneurs, in addition, it is the best platform for International students to obtain great experience in building their own business.