In 2018, we launched our new innovation park, Beaconwood Park: National Centre for Global Innovation. Beaconwood Park will be an amalgamation of higher education facilities, apprenticeship training, an enterprise hub and business support access. We hope, through Beaconwood Park, to create a unique place for students and businesses to develop and thrive.



The iconic Octagon building, alongside an extensive learning centre and associated business support unit, will facilitate student start-up offices, on an initial rent-free basis, to help enhance graduate entrepreneurship and development. In conjuction with NACUE, New Beacon Group will develop this into a Centre of Excellence for student entrepreneurship – bringing together graduates from China alongside UK/EU graduates.

NACUE Launch Pad will give students and graduates access to a wide range of resources, affordable facilities, and opportunities to enrich themselves through our growing network of partners and international connections. As a tenant of NACUE Launch Pad, you will be entitled to various lines of support, including bespoke development workshops, business consultancy, and financial assistance.