Innovation Park



The entrepreneurship hub aims at helping start-ups accelerate their growth with an excellent combination of commercial, technical and design know-how. The hub will invite growth-oriented entrepreneurs both from China and the UK to join the center, the entrepreneurs will give guest lectures, organise seminars, and build real-life business environments where students will get hands-on experience of every step in building a company and starting their own business. They will also provide a wide range of development services for entrepreneurship, high-quality business advice, extensive networks of experts, as well as modern facilities in their own companies.

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Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab is a production resource base to support the development of digital literacy in the business market. The new lab is the integration of a wide range of resources from Film Production Technology, Drama Studio, Media Centre, Music Technology and Computer Games Development. The lab is designed for students who are working on digital media projects and those who wish to use digital media in the marketing process.

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