Education & Training


New Beacon Group will establish Stafford International College. The college aims to build a first-class international boarding school in the UK. Stafford International College will bring the best educational resources to the students and they will enjoy the premium teaching methods combine the best of East and West. We are firmly convinced that the strength of high quality education stems from their mix of creativity and discipline. The college will offer A-level courses and International Baccalaureate course to ensure the students are well prepared for entry to the world’s leading universities. Stafford International College will gradually expand to the GCSE level teaching and ultimately become a full international college for students of 11-19 years of age.

A Specialized University

The New Beacon Group is also dedicated to building a specialized university, the university aims at providing first-class undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree with emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. The new institution aims to be truly revolutionary, we will design a unique and flexible model that delivers an innovative higher education programs that will distinguish ourselves from the other traditional providers. Students will have chances to study in overseas locations and develop a truly global perspective upon their graduation.

Training &
Travel Study

The New Beacon Group aims to create an open and flexible global learning platform, we will work closely with our partners worldwide to provide customised training and travel study solutions to maximise their learning needs.