Beaconwood Park


Beaconside Campus is located approximately 1.5 miles to the east of Stafford Town Centre, easily accessed by buses from Stafford Railway Station. The Campus is well-connected with major cities in Britain, within a 30-minute train journey to Birmingham, 1-hour train journey to Manchester and 1-hour and 15-minute train journey to London.

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History and Legacy

In the 1960’s, the Beaconside campus were the pioneers of Computing teaching in the UK. The campus has an impressive track record as one of the first institutions to offer computing degrees which resulted in national recognition for our leadership in the field of Computing Science and Technology in the UK. This success triggered major investment by the Polytechnics and Colleges Funding Council.

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Staffordshire, located in the central heart of England, is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, so has a rich industrial heritage. It is home to Wedgewood Pottery, the cradle of English craftsmanship.

Staffordshire boasts outstanding natural beauty and excellent connectivity with the rest of the UK, Staffordshire is beautiful and safe place to study. It’s just over 1 hour and 15 minutes away from the centre of London, by train to Euston Station and has excellent connectivity to the road network.

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